23 August 2014

Simplicity is the Ultimate Form of Sophistication

Simplicity...in all areas of life.

The less I have the more I have.  The more I let go the more I receive.  This does not mean I let go in order to receive but to be able to give even more.  When I let go of what I have I receive what I need.  Not only does this apply to the material things but our perceptions we have of ourselves, others, situations we may encounter, and stories we have told ourselves.  The less I talk the more I listen.  The less I talk the more I know & understand.  The less of me the more of you.

The more simple I make my life the more beautiful it becomes.

19 August 2014

10 Tips for a Mindful Home

Why do we make things more complicated than they should be?
I love these simple reminders.

15 August 2014

My Life Right Now

Opening a business is all-consuming.  Life changing.  Eye opening.  A reality check.  Long hours.  Keeps you on your toes (and feet).  Tiring (but in a good way).  Exciting.  Amazing.  Fun.  Hard work.  Early mornings.  Fun.  Always learning.  Challenging.  Fun.  Did I mention that it was fun?  Scary.  Challenging.  An opportunity of a lifetime.  All the above and...

I wouldn't have it any other way! 

Our mornings start off early.  Very early.  Like 4:30 am kind of early.  By 9 pm - Blaine and I are both ready for bed.

Speaking of which...it is almost that time.  Saturday is a busy day for us.  I have a few orders to fill before we open the doors tomorrow morning.

xo Cat